NEW VIDEO: It Gets Gay

Roman Todd and Aspen stumble upon a dark tunnel leading into the sewer. What they don’t know is that they are not alone. Aspen and Roman get split up and Aspen gets intercepted by a clown and his cock. Roman makes his way back to Aspen and buries his cock deep in his buddy’s manhole. Aspen is right at home taking these two glorious cocks and their loads.

NEW VIDEO: Manhole Meatups – Masyn Thorne and Mateo

Just 3 guys meeting up in the sewers. Masyn Thorne and muscle hunk Mateo meet up with Pierce Paris. This tantalizing threesome will leave you drooling. The second installment of “Manhole Meatups” includes lots of cock sucking, ass eating, and double teaming Masyn in lots of creative positions. Ending it with Mateo and Pierce covering Masyn with their hot cum.

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